One historical place to travel in the United States would have to be Terhune Park. It is known for the Sunnybank meadow which can be a huge deal for history buffs. Another place that sits within Terhune Park would be a historic house with tons and tons of book collections for Terhune. The mansion that takes place within the venue is called Van Riper-Hopper Historic House museum, in which tourists can find the Terhune book collection among others that had been near and dear to the home.

Now for more historical background for this awesome venue would be it has several direct links that date way back to the American Revolutionary past. Now in present-day tourists can see a beautiful view of Laurelwood Gardens surrounded by a big, beautiful, breathtaking view of the water surrounding it. Alongside the Laurelwood Gardens, tourists can find the Everett J Faber Memorial Park with plenty of areas for children or animals to roam and play. 

Another interesting yet fun thing that happens at Terhune Park is that the park has a "Memorial Day Parade", that is open to the public. The park also includes a summer concert, called "Summer Concert Series", from the months June to October tourists can find the "Wayne Farmer's Market", happening every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. The town surrounded by the park takes pride today in its community. There are so many more areas of the park to cover, the area is very large and beautiful. Take in the beautiful Terhune Park. 

 Address: 550 River Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666