Pho Saigon is a 4.5-star restaurant with Vietnamese Cuisine. There are restaurants all over the U.S. but right now the focus is on the one in Hackensack, NJ. It has a wide variety of appetizers, noodle soup, grilled platters, wok-stir fried, House specialties, a Vietnamese sandwich, beverages, and sides.

In the reviews, 95% of the people said it was good, 93% said delivery was on time, and 96% said the order was accurate.

The most popular items on the menu are Lemongrass Beef Satay Skewers for $9.00, the Fried Chicken Wings for $8.49, the Satay Curry Chicken Skewers for $8.50, and the Saigon Dumplings for $8.49. The hours are 11 AM-9 PM Monday-Saturday and closed on Sunday. 

They offer delivery through "Seamless", which helps support local restaurants. The most popular time is Wednesday at 6 PM. Customers typically spend 15 minutes to an hour here.

The simplified menu which is much shorter than the regular menu is as follows: The appetizers, which are Crispy Spring Rolls for $7.00 and Crispy Veggie Spring Rolls, also for $7.00. For the Noodle Soups, there are the Beef Combo Pho for $12.00 and the Beef Pho for $9.00. And for the Grilled Platters, the Rice Platters that come with either Bone-in Pork Chops, Pork, Chicken, Flank Beef, and Shrimp for $10.00 each. The Vermicelli Noodle Salad Platter comes with your choice of Spring Rolls, Pork, Chicken, and Flank Beef for $11.00, or the Shrimp for $12.00. The House Specialties, Shaken Cubed Steak, or Crab Fried Rice for $14.00 each. And the beverages, which are hot or iced Vietnamese Coffee for $4.00 each.

The phone number is 201-342-3490. The address is 296 Main Street Hackensack, NJ 07601. The website is