For those living in South Hackensack, New Jersey, or just passing through and love Italian Cuisine, you are in luck. Clemente Bakery, located at 120 Leunung Street, has everything that one needs to tantalize their tastebuds. Whether its' breakfast, where you can begin with the expresso bar, which has a line of all beverages, you can have coffee, tea, cappuccino, and hot chocolate w/milk. There are eggs for the egg lover made in different ways; one can have them with pepper, cheese, ham, lettuce, and tomato, so many combinations to choose from. The breakfast menu is a delight with their grilled cheese, American/Italian/Healthy Omelet. This menu is exactly what truckers need as they go along delivering their goods in New Jersey, a great place to stop by as you exit the New Jersey Turnpike.

The cold lunch menu has an array of delicious sandwiches, which include their Clemente Special. Mozzarella cheese dominates most of these sandwiches, which compliments the taste. In addition, there is roast beef, turkey breast, tuna, chicken, tuna salad, and that oh-so-tasty breaded chicken cutlet. One can choose to add lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers, or leave it just at it is; delicious either way.

One will find cheeseburgers, hamburgers, steak sandwiches, and for the children, chicken fingers, too for those adults who love this little delicacy; it's on the hot lunch menu. All there waiting for you. Also, potato and macaroni salads, chicken and meatball sandwiches. The foods that are mention above don't compare to what's else is on the menu. There is always a dish to tantalize ones' palette. Don't forget the catch of the day, every Friday. Tasty! 

You can have a meal delivered, or you can pick it up. All these meals are quite reasonable. One can always find something to fit within their budget. For additional information, you contact them at and indulge in whatever your tastebuds desire.

Go on. Satisfy your palette!